6th Grade

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Letter to 6th Grade

Dear 6th grade class,

I am excited to get to know you as we explore language, writing, speech, and science together this school year! 

Challenge yourself this year to be the best student and person that you can be!

Please feel free to come to me with any questions, and email me at any time at:


Have a great school year!

Mrs. Hull

Language Arts and Writing Lab Blog

This is the area of the web page where you will find assignments, instructions, and notes for 6th grade Language Arts and Writing Lab.

Elements of Fiction - 6th grade

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Kindness Essay Instructions

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Essay Writing Notes - 6th

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Grammar Notes - 6th Grade

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Earth Science


Earth Science Blog 

This is the area of the web page where you will find assignments and links for 6th Grade Earth Science.

Water Cycle

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Erosion and Weathering



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Christian Missile Engineer turned You Tube Teacher

Destin Sandlin is a Christian. He's also a missile engineer. He loves to know how things work and makes youtube videos to teach science concepts. Read more about him in the following article. 

'A Christian, he doesn't see God and science being mutually exclusive. And he passes that on to his children.

"I love to explore Creation using the tools of the scientific method as my map and compass," Sandlin said. "The saying I've taught my children is that 'In a world of talkers, we are to be thinkers and doers."'

—Destin Sandlin

Read the whole article here. 


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