7th Grade Vocabulary Homework Menu

7th Grade Vocabulary Homework Menu

Our class will focus on a list of vocabulary words for two weeks in a row. This will help to get these words into your everyday vocabulary! You will turn in a vocabulary assignment EVERY FRIDAY! We will have a quiz on the current word list EVERY OTHER FRIDAY!

Week One: Get a new vocabulary word list! Create Flashcards due Friday!

Week Two: Pick one assignment from the following menu and turn it in on Friday! Study your flashcards and your menu item for Friday’s Vocabulary Quiz!

Required Heading: The assignment title must include the title “Vocab. Item ____” with the exact name of the menu item written out in order to receive credit.

Due First Week of a vocabulary list:

Flashcards: Make flashcards for each vocabulary word with the word on one side and a picture and/or definition on the other. Optional: Make your flashcards using Google Slides! (If you do this option, please add Slides to your assignment title.)

Second Week: Pick ONE of the following to turn in on Quiz Day!

  • Stick figures: Make stick figure drawings with dialogue bubbles or captions for each word. The bubble or caption must correctly use the word. Put details in your drawing so it is clear how your pictures relate to your words. Underline the vocab. words!
  • Letter: You are on vacation! Write a letter to your friend. Use at least five of your vocabulary words correctly as you describe your trip. Remember to say where you are and include the date, greeting (i.e. Dear…), and closing. Underline Vocab. words!
  • Story: Put all of the words into an interesting story.  Use the words correctly and underline them.
  • Crossword: Create a crossword puzzle on graph paper.  A crossword is NOT a WORD SEARCH :) Put the words into the crossword, then write the clues for each word. 

  • Skit: With a partner who is in your class, write and act out a skit that uses five words and helps explain their definitions. Turn in the script with both of your names listed.
  • Questions: Write a question (Interrogative Sentence) using each word correctly. Underline the vocabulary words!

BONUS: Find the word in a real-world setting and earn a raffle ticket! You must document the specific time and place you discovered the word. Give as much detail as possible. (This does not count as an assignment item.)

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