7th Language Arts

Dear 7th Grade

Dear 7th grade students, 

Welcome back! I had the privilege of witnessing your growth in language skills last year. I am looking forward to guiding you in your reading, writing, presenting, and critical thinking skills as we get BACK TO THE BASICS this year!

Our language arts class will meet each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings! 

Challenge yourself this year to be the best student and person that you can be!

Please feel free to come to me with any questions, and email me at any time at:


Have a great school year!

7th Grade - Book Project 4

For our 4th Book Project this year, you will pick any book that interests you, fiction or non-fiction, around your reading level. Take notes on the key details or the parts of fiction, depending on your book. You will then use either the "FICTION" or "NON-FICTION book project reflection directions" to type up the reflection for this project, depending on the book you chose. Use the "Independent Reading blog" on the Mrs. Hull Web page to find the papers related to this project.

For this project, you may pick any project on your grade level book project menu. The book project and reflection will be due May 29th. This project may be shown in a literature faire at the end of the school year.

Literary Criticism - 7th grade

PSA Project

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Fictional Narrative Short Stories - 7th

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Fictional Narratives

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7th Grade Writing Notes and Assignments

Anne Frank and WWII

7th Language Arts Helpful Information

Charlotte Doyle

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7th Grade Research Project

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