8th Grade Vocabulary Homework Menu

8th Grade Vocabulary Homework Menu

Our class will focus on a list of vocabulary words for two weeks in a row. This will help to get these words into your everyday vocabulary! Each week you will turn in two vocabulary assignments on Friday. Every other Friday, a vocabulary quiz will be given on the current word list.

Weekly Assignments:

Pick TWO of the following vocabulary practice assignments to turn in on Friday. You may not pick the same assignments two weeks in a row. ** You may use one sheet of paper for both of your weekly activities, but they need to be clearly labeled.

The assignment title must include the title “Vocab. Item ____” with the exact name of the menu item written out in order to receive credit. You will have four total items turned in with each list, so please include the number of the item you are on. 

  • Flashcards: Make flashcards for each vocabulary word with the word on one side and a picture and/or definition on the other.
  • Dialogue: Write dialogue between two people using the ten vocabulary words. Make sure you include dialogue tags and punctuate correctly. Remember that each time a new person speaks, it is a new paragraph and must be indented. (Underline vocab!)
  • Advertisement: Write an ad for your favorite food, car, toy, or restaurant using five of your vocabulary words. Include a slogan, picture, and 5-8 sentences explaining the benefits of the product. (Underline vocabulary words!)
  • Movie: Come up with a great idea for a movie! Write a summary of it using all ten of the vocabulary words (underline them!) Be sure to mention the characters, setting, problem, and solution.
  • Skit: Choose any five words from the list.  With a partner who is in your class, write and act out a skit that uses the words and helps explain their definitions. Turn in the script with both of your names listed and the vocabulary words underlined.
  • Origins: Using a dictionary or the internet, write the origin of the words. Write the vocabulary word, then the language of origin for each one.
  • Chart: Make a chart with the following: prefix, base or root, suffix.  Fill in the chart with the words, putting each word part into its correct column.
  • Pictures: Create an illustration (picture) dictionary for all of your vocabulary words.
  • Board Game: Create a board game using all of your vocabulary words. Make a game board and cards that show you understand the definition of the words.
  • 10. Real-World: Find the word in a real-world setting! You must document the specific time and place you discovered the word. Give as much detail as possible.    
    Example One: On 9/6/17 at 2:35 p.m., I saw the word “extraordinary” on the sign for “Extraordinary Desserts” in San Marcos.  
    Example Two: I heard the word “establishment” on the 5:00 news on 9/6/17  in the sentence, “These food establishments are closing.”

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