Ch 5 Vocabulary

Ch 5 Vocabulary

Chapter 5—The Toil of Trace and Trail
Amenities- n. pleasant qualities 

Averred- v. declared

Callous- adj. unfeeling

Chaffering- v. haggling over terms or price

Callowness- n. youth and inexperience; immaturity

Copiously- adv. abundantly

Evinced- v. showed clearly

Innocuously- adv. harmlessly

Irresolutely- adv. lacking a solution

Jaded- adj. worn-out

Manifestly- adv. obviously; revealingly 

Perambulating- v. walking

Remonstrance- n. a gesture of protest or scold

Rending- v. violently tearing apart into pieces

Repugnance- n. extreme dislike

Rouse- v. to excite into anger or action

Salient- adj. noticeable; prominent

Slipshod- adj. poorly made; shabby

Slovenly- adv. carelessly

Superfluous- more than is necessary 

Wayfarers- n. those who travel

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