Ch. 7 Vocabulary

Ch. 7 Vocabulary

Ambuscade- n. place of surprise attack
Belie- v. to tell lies about
Cessation- v. ceasing or stopping
Excrescence- n. natural outgrowth
Imperiously- adv. overbearing; arrogant; domineering
Obliterated- v. wiped out
Palpitate- adj. quivering; trembling
Paroxysms- n. outbursts or convulsions
Pertinacity- n. stubbornness; perseverance
Placer- n. a deposit of sand mixed with gold
Rampant- adj. unrestrained; spreading unchecked
Slake- v. to satisfy
Sluice boxes- n. long channels through which water is run, leaving
the gold
Usurp- v. takes control over
Vigor- n. active physical or mental strength
Virility- n. masculine mental or physical strength
Wantonness- n. lack of discipline

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