EXPO - supplies needed!

EXPO - supplies needed!

Expo Night is April 12th!

It’s hard to believe that it is already March! Expo is on April 12th, and is an evening for students in K-8 to display a project they have been working on throughout the school year for family, fellow VCS students, friends, and the community to see! Sixth grade students have already been hard at work on completing components of the project. We are able to complete most of the expo project at school, but some supplies will need to be brought in by each student by Monday, April 1st.

  1. Display Board
  2. Decorations/Lettering
  3. One Baby/Young picture (will be returned on the board, but may be taped/cut/glued)


Display Board

Please bring in a tri-fold 36in x 48in cardboard display board by Monday, April 1st! Boards can be brought in at anytime between now and then, and left in portable one for storage. Please print your name on the back of your board.

Specifications: 36 x 48 in  - can be a white or color board - can be purchased at: Staples, Walmart, Target, Michaels, or Amazon (higher price.)

Board Decorations 

The boards will be on display for Expo night on April 12th for all students and their families to see. They should be attractive, colorful, neat, and creative. You may bring resources to school to use on your board, such as borders, lettering, fancy markers, printouts, etc.) You can store them in portable one in a bag with your name on it. You should not spend more than $10. Students are free to use any supplies that are in the classroom (scrapbook paper, construction paper, card stock, glue guns, markers, glue sticks, etc.)

Board Lettering/Titles

For the titles for your display board, you can type and print them, purchase cutout letters, purchase alphabet stickers, or write them out neatly in large letters. 

Titles needed: Collage, I Am Poem, Family Tree, Recipe, Verse, Letter to My Future Self

You will also need large letters that spell your first name, or first and last name - whichever you choose. The letters can be typed and printed, paper cutouts, large stickers, or hand drawn neatly.

Baby Picture

Please bring a baby/young picture to paste onto your recipe. This may be cut/taped/pasted, so bring a copy or printout if you do not want to alter the original. 

Please have all supplies in portable one by Monday, April 1st for in-class display assembly.

*Any boards that are not completed in class by April 5th will be sent home to be completed by the following Monday to present in class. 

Email Mrs. Hull with any questions!


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