Have You Heard About the Gold- By: AJ

Have You Heard About the Gold- By: AJ

Have you heard, have you heard the stories that have been told?

Have you heard, have you heard about the travel in the snowy cold?

All the way through the mountains, plateaus, and rivers, for a chance to get gold?

Just that way, to the west to the west.

There is a lot of snow, so grab your jacket and your vest!

Before it becomes winter, oh the mountains and steep cliffs you will climb.

Hurry! Hurry! We’re almost out of time!

The small amount of summer we encounter is our only chance,

to get past the mountains before the snowflakes start to dance.

If you get stuck in the mountains right when the dance starts,

Oh my! Oh my! You’ll be split into parts!

From there on, you’ll find many rivers,

Choose the right one,

If not you’ll get stuck in a bad current

and there’s more than a ton..

After, you will walk and walk, and look for some alerce,

oh no! I forgot to tell you, wood is very scarce!

From there you’ll find hundreds of thousands of men,

looking for the gold that was believed to have appeared by then. 

I would hurry if I were you! Several people gave up,

because all of the locals took some land and had a massive gold cleanup.

Not to mention, be careful, be careful, be careful on the way.

Many people left and on the way there, passed away.

Don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up I say.

Just because you won’t find the riches immediately doesn’t mean you won’t find it another day.

I hope you make it there and back.

If you do strike it rich, bring me a stack.

I thank you, I thank you for listening to the advice I have told,

So please, so please, go find some gold!


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1. Alexa wrote:
alerce definition: a type of cypress tree

Fri, January 12, 2018 @ 9:28 AM

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