Poetry! 1/9 Assignment

Poetry! 1/9 Assignment

Click on the link below, and analyze two of the poems using the following steps. Write your answers on a piece of paper.

Title: What predictions can you make from the title?  Read the poem. What are your initial (first) thoughts about the poem?  What might be the theme of the poem?

Paraphrase: Summarize the poem in your own words.

Connotation: What might the poem mean beyond the literal level? Find examples of imagery, metaphors, similes, personification, symbolism, idioms, hyperbole, alliteration, rhyme scheme, rhythm, etc. and think about their possible connotative meanings. Consider the emotional feelings that the words may give the reader.

Attitude: Describe the tone of the poem. What is the poet’s attitude toward the subject of the poem?  The speaker’s attitude? Find and list examples that illustrate the tone and mood of the poem (these show attitude).

Title: Look at the title again. Have your original ideas about the poem changed? How? What do you think the title means now?

Theme: What is the overall theme of the poem?

What insight, lesson, or truth are we supposed to have after reading this poem?


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