Vocabulary - Ch. 1

Vocabulary - Ch. 1

Ch. 1 Vocabulary - Call of the Wild

You and your partner will be assigned 8 of the words below. Use Google Slides on the Chromebook to work on a slideshow presentation for your 8 assigned words. You will make a slide for each word that includes the word, definition, and a related image. You should "share" your presentation with each other so that you can work on it simultaneously, but on your own Chromebook. 

Chapter 1Into the Primitive 

  1. Arbors- n. vines 
  2. Aristocrat- n. wealthy person 
  3. Array- n. an orderly arrangement 
  4. Calamity- n. disaster 
  5. Cayuses-  n. small Western horses used by cowboys 
  6. Conciliated-  v. made friends with 
  7. Conveyance- n. means of transportation 
  8. Culprit- n. a person guilty of a crime 
  9. Demesne- n. lands of an estate 
  10. Docilely- adv. Yieldingly to treatment or handling 
  11. Dominion- n. the exercise of control 
  12. Genial- adj. friendly 
  13. Impending- v. likely or due to happen 
  14. Imperiously- adv. urgently 
  15. Incurious- adj. not curious 
  16. Insular- adj. Isolated; detached 
  17. Kindred- n. family 
  18. Latent- adj. present or potential 
  19. Legion- n. a large number 
  20. Populous- adj. many people 
  21. Primitive- adj. very basic 
  22. Progeny- n. children 
  23. Prowess- n. superior ability 
  24. Revelation- n. something revealed or learned 
  25. Ruction- n. quarrel or noisy disturbance 
  26. Sated- adj. fully satisfied 
  27. Slaver- n. saliva 
  28. Soliloquized- v. talked to one’s self 
  29. Uncowed- adj. not frightened 
  30. Unwonted- adj. unusual 
  31. Weazened- adj. wizened; shriveled; withered 
  32. Wheedlingly- adv. attempting to persuade

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