Vocabulary - Ch. 2

Vocabulary - Ch. 2

Write the following words down in your COTW journal before reading Ch. 2. 

Ch. 2 Vocabulary

Appeasingly /appeasement- adv./n. trying to please 

Cadence- n. beat or rhythm of movement 

Disconsolate- adj. hopelessly sad 

Fastidiousness-  n. carefulness in all details 

Gaunt- adj. haggard and emaciated 

Ignominiously- adv. shamefully 

Introspective- adj. given to private thought 

Malignant- adj. actively evil in nature 

Malingerer- n. one who pretends to be ill in order to escape work

Placatingly- adv. appeasingly giving in easily 

Primordial- adj. primitive 

Reproof- n. scold 

Retrogression- n. the act of deteriorating 

Vicarious- adj. substituted from one thing for another

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